Project & Investment Loan

We provide investment and project loan to private sector companies or projects usually start from a minimum of $500 thousands up to $5 billion. Our loans are structured with a high degree of flexibility to provide loan profiles that match client and project needs, from short-term of 18 months to long-term maturities up to 15 years. This approach is determined by project type, project viability, project location and annual interest rate ranging from 1.98% - 5.2%.
The basis for a loan is the expected cash flow of the project and the ability of the client to repay the loan over the agreed period. The credit risk can be taken entirely by the Bank or may be collaterised with an insurance bond or bank instruments.

Free hand

Upgrade the AI package and report the actual price immediately

No going out

Non-income certificate and proof of address*, apply online.

No waiting

That is, confirm and approve, that is, automatic transfer ^^.

No doubt

Upgrade the AI service to solve problems.

* The non-income certificate and residential address certificate are only applicable to customers who have a loan amount of up to USD100,000 and meet specific credit approval requirements. According to individual circumstances, Global Easy Loan LIMITED has the right to request customers to provide other supporting documents for loan approval purposes. If customers provide additional application documents, they can apply for a higher loan amount. In order to verify the identity of the applicant and arrange the loan, new customers must still submit a copy of their ID card and bank account or debit card online.
#"Instant additional cash"-Applicants must meet certain credit record requirements. ^"Real-time report of actual price"-The application information submitted by the customer must be complete and accurate. The final approval result may vary according to the final information and credit history provided by the customer.
^^"Automatic Transfer"-After confirming the loan contract online and completing the final information verification and approval, the loan will be automatically transferred by FPS in real time. The final collection time must be determined by the arrangement of the individual bank.
Global Easy Loan LIMITED has the final decision on loan approval and any disputes.
For the above terms and conditions, if there is any conflict or inconsistency between the Chinese and English versions, the English version shall prevail.