This statement applies to Global Easy Loan LIMITED (" Global Easy Loan " or " we "). Global Easy Loan is one of the companies under the WELAB HOLDINGS LIMITED group (" WeLab Group ").

In this statement, the term " data subject " or " you " shall cover visitors of this website, users of Global Easy Loan Chatbot, loan applicants and loan customers.

The content of this statement applies to all data subjects and is part of the terms and conditions of the loan agreement and/or any agreement or arrangement entered into between the data subject and Global Easy Loan from time to time. If there is any inconsistency or discrepancy between this statement and related agreements or arrangements, this statement shall prevail for all relevant protection of the personal data of the data subject.

Our privacy policy

Global Easy Loan values ​​your trust. Global Easy Loan undertakes to fully implement and comply with the six data protection principles under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of United Kingdom) (the " Ordinance "). This statement is to help you understand Global Easy Loan's privacy policies and practices regarding personal data.

Our promise

We are committed to protecting your personal data by complying with the requirements of the regulations and the relevant codes of practice and guidelines issued by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data. We will ensure that our employees and third parties who are permitted to view your personal data maintain these responsibilities.

Collection of personal data

rsonal information refers to any information related to an individual from which the identity of the individual can be determined directly or indirectly. We may collect (including but not limited to) the following data, which may become personal data from time to time:

Name age; gender; telephone number; email address; ID number or passport number; Nationality or residency status; date of birth; Personal financial status, wishes or goals (including loan needs); Income or property information; education level; Employment information; Residence information Details of bank account or stored-value payment instrument account; Facebook ID and the name displayed on Facebook; LinkedIn ID and related information; Preference for any product or service; The content of your conversation with Global Easy Loan; Information about your browsing and use of the Global Easy Loan website and Global Easy Loan Chatbot; and Location information.

In addition, when you use the Global Easy Loan website or service, we may automatically collect certain information, which may become personal information when combined with your other information. The above information includes but is not limited to:

The attributes of the device or equipment you are using, such as operating system, hardware version, device settings, software and device ID; The location of the device, including the specific geographic location obtained through global positioning system, Bluetooth, WiFi signal or other methods; Mobile network information, such as the name, type of web browser, and IP address of your mobile network provider, Internet service provider or other service provider; Import you to the pages of the Global Easy Loan website; The pages you browse on the Global Easy Loan website; Details of the products and services you have viewed and your use of the information, tools and other content on the Global Easy Loan website; and The link you clicked on the Global Easy Loan website.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small data files placed on the data subject's device when the data subject browses the Global Easy Loan website, interacts with the Global Easy Loan Chatbot or clicks on the Global Easy Loan online advertisement. Cookies or similar technologies are used for the following purposes:

Perform statistical analysis of your behavior on the website, such as the number of visits to our website, page views and the length of time spent on each page. These data are unregistered after collective statistics; Provide an enhanced user experience, remember your preferences when using our website, and allow you to easily navigate between the public and member sections of our website; and Use the pages visited by the data subject and the website links opened to promote personalized products: Make Global Easy Loan's website more in line with the interests of the data subject; Provide online advertisements or offers that are most likely to interest you on Global Easy Loan's website or third-party website; and Evaluate the efficiency of Global Easy Loan's online promotion and advertising program. The above cookies may be placed on the data subject's device by Global Easy Loan or by a third party representing Global Easy Loan (such as advertising networks and external service providers such as web traffic analysis services). The information recorded by third parties through the use of Cookies will be collectively counted without name, and then shared with Global Easy Loan. Regarding the use of cookies, third parties will not provide or share personal contact information of the data subject to Global Easy Loan. Most browser versions accept Cookies by default. If you do not want to be tracked by this technology, you can choose to "not accept" Cookies by changing the settings of your web browser. But if you do not accept all cookies, including absolutely necessary cookies, you may not be able to browse the Global Easy Loan website or Global Easy Loan Chatbot properly. Retention of personal data We will take practical measures to ensure that your personal data will not be kept for longer than the required time, and we will comply with all United Kingdom laws and regulations on the retention of personal data. Security measures We provide and maintain strict security measures to protect Global Easy Loan's system and the data and personal data retained therein, including: Use one-time passwords to authenticate users or customers; Use firewall and network isolation to protect unauthorized browsing; Use encryption when transporting and placing data to keep the personal data of the data subject private; Regularly review the data collection, use, storage and processing practices; Restrict access to personal data only to employees who need to know such information at work; and Train employees on the proper handling of personal data.

The Internet is not an established security environment for communication. We constantly review and apply industry best practices to protect and protect the Internet channels used in our system. The security of your personal device and your handling of personal and transaction data are equally important. In most cases, the inadvertent transmission or handling of sensitive information, such as confidential documents, passwords, personal identification, etc., will lead to unauthorized access and disclosure of information. Therefore, we remind you to exercise caution when using the Global Easy Loan website and handling your sensitive documents and information.

Collection purpose

In order to facilitate Global Easy Loan to provide services, data subjects must provide Global Easy Loan with personal data to open or renew an account, establish or renew credit or related financial services, or process new or renewal loan applications or other services through the Global Easy Loan website.

If the data subject fails to provide such personal data to Global Easy Loan, it may result in Global Easy Loan being unable to open or renew an account and provide credit and related financial services to the data subject, processing applications or other services.

In order to facilitate Global Easy Loan to provide services, we may obtain the personal data of the data subject from a credit reference agency (the data subject can request Global Easy Loan to provide the contact information of the agency). Global Easy Loan will also access and obtain the personal data of the data subject through different channels, such as public registers, public search engines, public registers, or any social media that the data subject has authorized for public sharing. Global Easy Loan will also obtain the data subject’s device data through the data subject’s web browser.

Use of personal data

The personal data of the data subject can be used for the following purposes: Process and approve product and service applications and the daily operations involved in products and services (including loans and related financial products and services provided to data subjects); Conduct credit investigations under appropriate circumstances (including periodic or special credit reviews when customers apply for loans and under normal circumstances once or more than once a year); Establish and maintain Global Easy Loan’s credit score or risk-related criteria; Ensure the data subject’s continued credibility and good reputation; Assist other financial institutions to conduct credit checks and collect debts; Design loan/credit services or related products and services for customers; Conduct market research or develop membership plans; With the consent of the data subject, direct marketing services, market products and services, and other matters mentioned in paragraphs 6 and 7 below; Determine the amount of the data subject’s liabilities to the company or the company to the data subject; Ensuring Global Easy Loan’s rights under the contract with the data subject, including collecting outstanding debts from the data subject; To ensure that Global Easy Loan and any organization within the WeLab Group can perform obligations, regulations or arrangements, whether mandatory or voluntary, to comply with or comply with related: Any existing or future laws, regulations, judgments, court orders, codes of obligations or sanctions systems that are legally binding or applicable to Global Easy Loan and any institution within the WeLab Group; Regardless of whether it is issued or issued by any legal, regulatory, government, tax, law enforcement or other agency, whether within or outside the United Kingdom Special Administrative Region, current or future existence, or related stock exchanges, financial service providers’ self-regulatory or industry organizations or associations Any guidelines or guidance or codes of practice or requirements of Global Easy Loan or any institution in the WeLab Group is located or connected with relevant local or foreign laws, regulatory, judicial, administrative, public or law enforcement organizations, governments, taxation, revenue, finance, courts, other agencies, or relevant stock exchanges. Financial service providers’ self-regulatory or industry organizations or associations or any of their intermediaries undertake or are imposed by them on current or future contracts or other commitments; Any agreement or treaty between the authorities described in (iii) above. Comply with any plan to comply with sanctions or prevent or detect money laundering, terrorist financing activities or other illegal activities in Global Easy Loan or any organization within the WeLab group. Share data and information and/or within any organization within Global Easy Loan or WeLab group Any obligations, requirements, policies, procedures, measures or arrangements specified for any other use of data and information; For actual or potential transferees of all or any part of Global Easy Loan’s business and/or assets, or participants or affiliated participants of Global Easy Loan’s rights to the data subject’s loan/credit facilities, the relevant transfer, participation or affiliated participating institution can be measured Involving transactions, and allowing the actual transferee to use such information when operating business or assigning rights; Compare the data provided by the data subject and other persons for credit approval, data verification, and the production or verification of data, whether for the purpose of taking action against the data subject or not; and Maintain the data subject’s credit record (regardless of whether the data subject’s relationship with Global Easy Loan already exists) for current or future reference; Manage, improve, maintain and provide Global Easy Loan Chatbot and process or communicate with data subjects any inquiries or requests made through Global Easy Loan Chatbot; and Any other use related to the above use.

Personal information disclosure

All personal data held by Global Easy Loan will be kept confidential, but Global Easy Loan may disclose or transfer such information to the following parties to achieve the purpose in paragraph 4: Any agent, contractor, subcontractor or affiliate of Global Easy Loan or any organization within the WeLab Group (including its employees, personnel, agents, contractors, service providers and professional consultants); Any third-party service that provides administrative, professional, consulting, telecommunications, data services, computers, payment, data processing, debt collection or other services related to Global Easy Loan or any organization within the WeLab Group supplier; Anyone who is responsible for confidentiality of Global Easy Loan and has promised to keep such information confidential; The paying bank provides the drawer with a copy of the payment check (which may contain information about the payee); Credit investigation agencies, and debt collection agencies in case of debts; Any authority, group, association or person mentioned in paragraph 4(k) above; Any actual or proposed transferee or Global Easy Loan or participant or sub-participant of Global Easy Loan regarding the rights of the data subject to the loan/credit facility; Any person gives or proposes to provide a guarantee or guarantee to guarantee or ensure the data subject’s obligations to Global Easy Loan; Any organization within the WeLab Group; Business partners or brand partners who provide products or services to data subjects together with Global Easy Loan; and According to the data subject’s consent for the purposes mentioned in paragraph 4(h): Third-party financial service institutions, insurers, credit card companies, securities and futures and investment service providers, third-party membership plan providers or our brand partners; and Third party service providers (including but not limited to valet shipping centers, telecommunications companies, telemarketing and direct sales agents, call centers, data processing companies, and information technology companies). The personal data collected by Global Easy Loan in United Kingdom may be transferred to or outside United Kingdom.

Direct promotion

Global Easy Loan intends to use the data subject's data for direct marketing of products or services, but the use requires the data subject's consent (including the indication of no objection to the use). In this regard, please be aware: We may use customer names, contact information, product and other service portfolio information, transaction patterns and behaviors, financial background and demographic data held from time to time for Global Easy Loan's direct marketing; It can be used to promote the following types of services, products and projects including loans, other financial services and products, membership plans, related services and products, and services and products provided by our brand partners; The above-mentioned services, products and projects may be provided by any institution or third-party financial institution, insurer, securities and investment service provider within the Global Easy Loan and WeLab Group; In addition to the promotion of the above-mentioned services, products and items by Global Easy Loan, Global Easy Loan also intends to provide the information mentioned in paragraph (a) above to all or any of the persons mentioned in paragraph (c) above for such persons to promote these services When using products and items, Global Easy Loan must obtain the consent of the person at the time of the data for this purpose (including the indication that there is no objection to the use); and Global Easy Loan may obtain money or other property in return for providing the information described in paragraph (c) above to other persons, or requesting the consent or non-objection of the data subject as described in paragraph (d) above. If Global Easy Loan receives any money or other property in return for providing information to other persons, Global Easy Loan will notify the data subject. If you do not want Global Easy Loan to use your personal data as described above or provide it to others for direct marketing purposes, you can notify us to exercise its right to choose to refuse the promotion. Global Easy Loan Data Protection Officer Global Easy Loan LIMITED United Kingdom King's Road, Quarry Bay, 728 K11 ATELIER King's Road 22 Floor, Room 2205-12 E-mail ︰ cs@Global Easy Loan.USD

Access and correct personal data

According to the terms of the Ordinance and the Code of Practice on Personal Credit Data (the " Code "), you have the right to: Check whether Global Easy Loan holds your personal data and access such data; Request Global Easy Loan to correct any inaccurate personal information about you; Find out Global Easy Loan's policies and practices on personal data and be informed of the types of personal data held by Global Easy Loan; As far as consumer credit is concerned, you can request to be informed of the information that will be routinely disclosed to credit reference agencies or collection agencies, and Global Easy Loan can provide further information to the relevant credit reference agencies or collection agencies The company's request for access to and correction of information; and As far as consumer credit is concerned, when the account is closed after the account is fully repaid, Global Easy Loan is instructed to ask the credit reference agency to delete any account information related to the closed account from its database, but the instruction must be It is filed within five years after the account is terminated, and there is no major default. If you are in arrears, unless the arrears are fully paid or written off before the expiry of 60 days from the default date (except for bankruptcy orders), the credit reference agency may retain the repayment information of the account (see the Code for definition) , Until five years have elapsed since the date of full payment of the arrears. If your account is written off due to a bankruptcy order, regardless of whether the account repayment information (as defined in the code) shows any major defaults, the account repayment information will be credited after the default is fully paid The data service agency will continue to keep it for an additional 5 years, or you may provide evidence to notify the credit reference agency that it has been discharged from the bankruptcy order for an additional 5 years, whichever occurs earlier. According to the terms of the regulations, Global Easy Loan has the right to charge a reasonable fee for processing any data access request. You should send any requests for viewing or correcting personal data, or any inquiries about our policies and practices on personal data to: Global Easy Loan Data Protection Officer Global Easy Loan LIMITED K11 ATELIER King's Road 22, 728 King's Road, Quarry Bay, United Kingdom building room 2205-12 email ︰ cs@Global Easy Loan.USD This statement does not limit the rights of the data subject under the regulations. If there are discrepancies between the Chinese and English versions, the English version shall prevail. Last revision date: May 2020